Moving Along

Share The RoadThere is no road trip that is all straightaways, flat and devoid of debris. Pretty soon, you are bound to see  potholes, bumps, and humps and what could be the worst thing that could happen, if not for engine failure, is a road closed sign.

An entrepreneur should be well versed with the road he is travelling on, making sure the maps are up to date, with the trunk equipped for contingencies, and enough fuel to get to the next gas station. Now, driving on freeways, there’s bound to be traffic going the same way. Some are fast, and big, others are small and faster, but maybe endangering themselves by going way beyond the speed limit. And there are some who seem oblivious of others, they hog the road, or it maybe, because they can afford to be, lumbering towards their destinations.

Entrepreneurs, we think along the lines of economics. We follow traffic rules and road signs, sometimes up to a fault. There is no need to take the lane for faster, bigger enterprises, so we must stick to our lane and make it to the next stop, so that we may get the upgrades we need to get to where we are going next.


The drive is long, and the weather may be unpleasant in the next few hours, but as long as businesses are prepared for stormy weather, the drive is not as hard as it looks. It’s where small and medium enterprise are more flexible, big enough to make the trip, small enough to go around road blocks, cost effective with the fuel consumption and more ready for accelerations and brakings on slippery roads. Besides, if the vehicles break down along the way, it does not take long to make the necessary repairs and get the engine running again, or replace the flats and zoom along.

Even promoting one’s business, we entrepreneurs make use of what we can. Economical to wear the company colors, a sort of livery on vehicles, we stick out on the road because you can see us coming a mile away, given the size comparison with bigger transports.

Here comes the rain again.

Where others stop and get stranded because they are too big to move around, or others are too small they cringe at the propspects of riding through the flood, we, on the other hand can move with confidence, taking detours and choosing secondary streets to keep going.

Rough Road

We rock.

Because we know how to go with the flow. In the language of the streets, we chill, we cool.

Rough roads test the mettle of businesses. Shakes the chassis some. Confirms what the brochure tell you of the build and the specs. Kph to the liter. Kilometers to the tank.

And we are still on the road.

A bit wiser than before. Better prepared. More skilled.

Wanna ride along?