New Look!

The Celo Website Makeover

After a couple of weeks waiting around for the hosts to come around and give us worry-free access to our control panel, here it is, the remodeled, rearranged and customized website. The layout was designed using the HTML5 capabilities of Wix, but you can only do so much with a WordPress theme. Nevertheless, it was fun reinventing the site.

It could have gone to a more flashy, fashionable look, but working within the limits of time and theme, it is quite utilitarian, with afew embellishments up , and then some in progress. A working business website should contain only the essentials, and leave all the discussion between us and the client.

But I dare say, Mantra and WordPress are ever so reliable, a it saddens me that the layout styling we created with Wix will have to be taken down, not now but as soon as everything is all set. All the site needed was a little bit of new furniture and ambience. But with Wix’s flexibility, I guess we’ll have more options in the future ventures.

This will take a lot of work, maintaining a good web presence. But please, visit the site and see for yourself.